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Courses - Best of my years of teaching.

I created these courses to share my knowledge and help you in your journey.

Introduction to UI/UX Design

Introduction to UI/UX Design

Want to know if UI/UX design is the right career for you? Learn about what to expect, what designers do, how much money can you make, and more in just 90 minutes to help you make a confident decision.

UI Design with Figma

UI Designing with Figma

Learn to create app and website designs from scratch using Figma in four weeks including all the features, manging projects, creating clickable prototypes, handover documents and so much more....

UX Audit Mastry

UX Audit Mastery: Guide to Usability Audit

Learn to spot design flaws in apps and websites step by step. The course covers basics all the way to making a report. Perfect for beginners and those looking for a time saving alternative to UTs.

Generative AI Workshop for Designers

Generative AI Workshop for Designer's

Join this 3-hour workshop to learn about Prompt Engineering for AI Tools like ChatGPT, Midjourney, and others. Learn how to boost your creativity, save time, enhance productivity, and future-proof your design career.

AI Powered Designer 4 week course

AI Powered Designer
(4 Week Live)

Learn to leverage AI in your design process to increase productivity and efficiency and remove all the mundane manual work from your process. We empower you to take the lead in AI-driven design world.

Product Design Launchpad 12 Week Live

Product Design Launchpad
(12 Week Live)

12-week LIVE UI/UX Design course that will help you kick-start your career. It includes live lessons, recorded material guest sessions, community activities, and practical assignments covering all the aspects of UI/UX design.

/ Testimonials

Hear directly from the students

Rajvi Kothari, UX Designer, Monsoonfish

"PDL will open for you the doors of impossible things. ✨

It helped me in building a strong foundation, the basic and most essential aspect of being a Great Designer."

/ Rajvi Kothari
UX DESIgner at MonsoonFish
Ankit Vatsa, UX Designer- IHX Private Limited

"I used to get nervous during design interviews and freeze up, but with Rohan’s help I'm much more prepared. I know how to answer question with logic, no matter how difficult it may be. This course has definitely made me a great designer."

/ Ankit Vatsa
UX Designer AT IHX Private Limited

"I love how nice the usage of AI can be for designers and also great work Rohan for explaining that."

/ Shivika Gupta
Lead Product Designer at Intelliveer