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Hey, I'm Rohan Mishra. I'm an Engineering Student turned Designer, Entrepreneur, Youtuber, AI Enthusiast, And an Educator (and I dabble with the occasional personal finance, productivity too).

Quick Facts About Me:
- I have worked with brands like Zomato and Urban Company
- I am also a Top Voice on LinkedIn
- I have conducted over 40+ Design talks and workshops

Years of Experience
Students Mentored
Rohan Mishra- UX Designer, Designer, Educator, AI Enthusiast
Rohan Mishra- UI/UX Designer and Educator as a college student right out of college
/ My Story

Discovering my superpower

I started my journey over eight years ago, when I went for engineering.

After only a few weeks...

I had a realization that engineering wasn't my passion.

I started exploring all sorts of different things like Video Editing, Web Development, Graphics Design, and UI/UX Design.

I remember designing posters for college events; those were my first steps in honing my skills. 🪜

But let me be honest, my early designs were far from good.

They were bad, they didn’t solve a problem, and looked bad as well.

Back then I had no Idea I could make a career and living in UI/UX Design.🤔

But, I was sure I will rather be a great designer than a mediocre Engineer.

The Big "Aha" Moment

I started on this journey with absolutely nothing - ZERO knowledge, ZERO experience, ZERO connections in the design world.

And, the constant thought of me not being creative, added to the struggle.

I didn't have the advantage of a design degree or friends in the industry to guide me.

What I did have was a burning desire to do something valuable in my life, but no idea how to get started. 😕

I felt lost, without any reference or guidance.

But I didn't let that demotivate me. I kept working hard.

My journey was fuelled by passion and an unwavering spirit.

Rohan Mishra- UI/UX Designer having his Aha moment!
Rohan Mishra- UI/UX Designer and Educator with the Geekhub Team

From Oops to oh Wow!

I travelled to design events, often hundreds of kilometers away (~3 hours on one side), by any means I could – be it bus or metro.

I surrounded myself with Design Industry professionals, absorbing every bit of wisdom and inspiration I could.

Self-doubt was a constant companion, whispering in my ear, "Will I ever be this good?

I took on unpaid internships and low-paying jobs, anything to improve my skills, get started and make connections.

Around the same time, I with some of my seniors decided that the skills we are learning in Technology and Design needs to be shared with our peers and juniors.

So, we started Geekhub, A place where Senior taught juniors (obviously, the interested ones 😉).

I always wanted to teach and mentor, this was my first time.

But, who knew it will become the biggest passion (we will come back to it 😆).

Then came a significant turning point – I met a designer who recognized my potential.

Dream Big, Design Bigger

Working alongside her, my design skills improved.

I developed my skills for years, while keeping at it relentlessly.

I took all the opportunities I could, whether it be Interning, Freelancing, Paid, Free or anything.

At one point I was doing 4 internships parallely (1 in office, 3 remote), and sleeping only 3 hours a day (Which I would highly discourage you to do 🙅).

In just a few years, I was freelancing with clients from Dubai, USA, India as a UI/UX Design Freelancer.

But, there was a time I felt all of this is a Dream.

I have now working with some of the biggest brands - Zomato, Urban Company, Happy Fresh, and more, across various countries.

Rohan Mishra- UI/UX Designer as a college student attending design meetup
Rohan Mishra- UI/UX Designer at Zomato delivering a Design System speaking session

The Defining Phase for the Educator in me

Back in 2019, I noticed a bunch of folks who really wanted to get into design but were finding it super hard.

Feeling a strong urge to help, I decided to do something about it.

I hopped onto LinkedIn and shared that I'd be hosting free design sessions for eight whole weeks to help aspiring designers get the skills they needed to land a job.

To my surprise, more than 300 people signed up 🤩

Here's the catch, though – I only had 20 seats available.

It was free because I wanted to make it accessible to everyone, and a cool co-working space came to the rescue, providing a venue and some snacks.

As the weeks passed, the students who stuck with the program until the end found some amazing job opportunities.

Big companies like Microsoft, Paytm, Jupiter Money, Classplus, Tata 1Mg, Freecharge, American Express, and others were eager to snap up our talented group.

This whole experience made me realize something important: I have the power to make a real impact by sharing knowledge and guiding students.💡

I learned that if you're passionate, disciplined, and have a bit of guidance, you can become an awesome designer.

Your Invitation to an Adventure

If you ever doubt yourself, I get it—I've been there, too.

Starting from zero can be tough. 😫

That's why I want you to know that I understand your challenges, and my teaching style is all about empathy.

I've been through the overwhelm, self-doubt, and the burning desire to create something amazing, and I want to be there for you.

So, if you're a bit unsure about your design dreams, just know that I'm here to guide you, teach you, and mentor you along the way.

Let's turn those tough times into big wins together! 💪

If you're doubting yourself, I understand where it is coming from, as I have been there.

but I just want to tell you that, through my story your design dreams can come true.

And that I am here to guide you, teach you, and mentor you along the way. Let's turn those tough times into big wins.

Rohan Mishra- UI/UX Designer as a speaker in front of 500+ students
/ My Experience

I’ve worked with some amazing companies

Urban Company- Formely Urbanclap

Sr. Product Designer @UrbanCompany

Building products for UAE, AUS, SGP, KSA Customer, and Professionals.
Tips: Building for Empathy, Appreciation, and Habit. [IND, UAE, AUS, KSA, SGP]
UC Plus, AMC, Bundles: Building for Retention and Repeat.

FEB 2021
Jan 2022

Product Designer @Zomato

Lead Consumer App Products Design at Zomato including Zomato Food Delivery, Contactless Dining, Zomato Market, Zomato Gold, Gold Specials (Pay), Zomato Support, Meals for One, Zomato On-Time or Free, and more.

FEB 2019
FEB 2021

Brand & companies I have worked with

ZomatoRedcarpetup.comSaturdaysSkor.idHappyFreshUrban CompanyRemedo HealthcareIndozone

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